Jabiru 430.com
A novice builders experience with building a Jabiru J430 aeroplane.
My pride and joy has now been flying for some 250 hours (January 2011) and although that time has been mostly problem free there have been a few things that needed sorting out. 
I had an unrealistic expectation that once I finished the build there would be a few minor tweaks and it would otherwise be finished.  Not so.

I have spent lots of time on uprades, minor fixes, replacements and fixes of avionics and significant time on chasing ignition noise in radios and the omnipresent Jabiru problem of engine temperature management.  There have been a few Jabiru Service Bulletins requiring attention along the way.

Most of the time has been purely elective stuff so despite the many hours spent not much of it has been mandatory stuff.  In this section I am not counting anything  related to my prang in late 2009.  (see the Oops section )

These have included:
Upgrades and Modifications.
                   Installation of Autopilot (included complete new panel and rewiring)
                   Installation of External 12 v power socket  for starting
                   Installation of handle for pilot to open /close passenger side vents
                   Installation of Beverage / Cup Holders on door sills
                   Installation of guard round throttle (on passenger side)
                   Installation of "Gutters" around doors (to prevent rain getting in.)

Minor Fix-ups 
                    Loosening of screws in fairings etc
                    Spatts - Loosening of screws and subsequent damage to spatts
Major Repairs and Replacements
                    Avionics which broke down and required return to manufacturer for service
                                  Microair radios  (both radios back to factory twice!!!  )
                                  Dynon AP74  Autopilot module
                    Instruments which went U/S and replaced outright
                                  Oil Pressure Sensor
                                   Several  CHT ring sensors and wire leads (both Jabiru & Dynon leads)
                    Fuel Sight Gauges
                    Noise in radios
                    Engine cooling issues
                    Fuel distribution & Carburettor Problems
                    Propellor & RPM Issues


What's Happened Since Completion of the Build?