Jabiru 430.com
A novice builders experience with building a Jabiru J430 aeroplane.
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This website is about my Jabiru J430 project.  I finished the building in September 2007 and the aircraft now has 240 hours of flying on it. (as at January 2011)

This revamped website is in four areas.

General Information: 
How I did the basic house keeping stuff:
Where I built it; What I used; Where I got help and How I got around problems.

Building Pages:
Covers how I managed issues I had while building the aircraft.

Since Build Completion:
Covers  issues that have arisen since I completed the build. Covers issues such as Autopilot Installation, engine cooling issues, propellors and other tweaks.

Lots of images of my aircraft both during build and since completion.

Please Note:
Some pages are almost redundant:  Some of my comments relate to the old manuals and older kit  designs that have since been changed by the Jabiru factory.  The  old Jabiru manuals have been now completely revamped , but I leave the pages about the old manuals and parts in case someone with the old model wants to see how I coped.