Gallery 1
Views of the Jabiru in places I have been since completion.
(SMB = Secret Men's Business    (our touring group which does a week long trip somewhere every year))

A novice builders experience with building a Jabiru J430 aeroplane.
BirdsvilleBurketown  SMB 2009Burketown  SMB 2009The Burke & Wills Dig TreeBurketown  SMB 2009MilduraAll together but prior to first flight Sept 2007Back from first flight!WalgettMilduraChillagoOops. Loading her up to return to Jabiru factory after prang.
 Sept 2009Back from repairs.
Not yet refitted with stripesBack from repairs.
Not yet refitted with stripesPrior to departure -Secret Men's Business 2010SMB 2010SMB 2010BirdsvilleBroken Hill 2008SMB 2010Streaky Bay SMB 2010En route to Port Lincoln SMB 2010Kangaroo Island - Parking off in the distance to keep out of thr RPT's way!Kangaroo Island 2010Parafield, Adelaide SMB 2010Temora, SMB 2008SMB 2010Refuelling Walgett, SMB 2008SMB 2010Burke, SMB 2010Temora,  SMB 2008Temora, SMB 2008SMB 2008SMB 2008