The Instruction Manual
A novice builders experience with building a Jabiru J430 aeroplane.
This section was originally written when the old manual was in use. It was a pretty difficult set of manuals to use and my, and most other builder's, opinion was not very high.  However, since then Jabiru have completely rewritten their manuals.   From looking at it myself it seems to be  a huge improvement.  The addition of the manual on their website is a great help as you can now check for and get updates easily.    I would recommend rechecking the web site for the latest version prior to starting any section.

My advice is to completely print out a complete hard copy set of the manuals and put them in folders etc. If you use a colour ink jet you will use a lot of ink. I just used a black & white laser printer and then referred to the computer for the coloured version/photos when needed.

I am very computer literate but I still find computer based manuals etc very annoying to use. You can't easily flick from page to page. Navigating requires you to actually know what it is  that you are looking for (and what it is called ) - which is often not the case.  Refinding stuff you happened to see in passing is hard - with a printed manual at least you can remember if what you saw was near the front, the back, near some other chapter etc.

I printed mine up as I got to build each section.  This was a mistake. I should have printed the whole thing up first.  As a consequence I did not realize there were other parts of the manual that applied to that part of the build, until I got stuck, made errors or just coincidentally found the extra stuff later. When you read the instructions you will find that there are double ups of some sections in the technical manual and engine manuals. Some of these double ups have extra information you need during construction so an extra  copy placed in the relevent section of your construction manual may be helpful.

Overall I can not stress enough the benefit of having the whole manual printed out and collated prior to starting the build.
Next I also would suggest phoning them EVERY time you have a concern or question, prior to charging ahead and causing a stuff up (like I did on several occasions).  It leads to you getting the job done quicker and cheaper (no costly replacements).