Build Sequence Tips
A novice builders experience with building a Jabiru J430 aeroplane.
In this series of pages I am not going to give a version of the construction manual.  Rather I want to give some hints about specific areas I had issues with  or if there were some particular pitfall of the step that I ran into.  I would also recommend looking at the section on changes I made since completion so you can include them in your build.

Some of these  pages are now redundant as Jabiru have rewritten their manual. It is now much better than previous.  However there are probably some old kits in sheds around the world.  If you are in the process of a build I would recommend getting on their website and downloading the new manual.  Be aware that some parts of the kit have been upgraded and the manual changed to suit.  If you still have the old parts then you have two choices.  Continue with the old manual and parts or order new parts to go with the new manual.

These pages have to be read in conjuction with the manuals and hopefully will prevent you having to spend lots of time working out how to do something or worse,  lots of time undoing or fixing something.

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Brake System
Issues inside the cabin
Wing Assembly
Ventral Fin and Components
Main Wheels
Main Wheel Struts